Brian and Andrew

Interview 5

Almirida beach

Q There are rumours that you and Andrew have split up. That is the reason for your having to leave Crete
A Let me tell you. There are many mischief makers in this world who thrive on bad news, or if there isn't any bad news, they create it. Andrew and I have never been closer and we live, at present, in a wonderful part of London.
There is no point in hiding from the fact that Andrew had to return to the UK to earn a living. Our Taverna, The Beach Hut, did very well but when the season ended there was no income and there was a substantial loan that needed servicing to the Bank.
We borrowed against the house, to prop up a local company. This was after really looking into the figures. We felt the problem was short term and agreed. The bank lent a 6 figure sum. Later we found there was an additional Black Hole which resulted in the owner eaving the island one night, never to return.
We were left with an investment in a company that had debts and no income. He robbed the company and left many people, including ourselves, high and dry.
We had no alternative but to sell the house, which we did, and return to the UK.
We would love to return to Crete. Re-grouping is the order of the day and one day it will happen.
So, in answer to your question, both Andrew and Brian are alive and well, and living together in London, with Rupert the remaining lab and Georgie, the three legged cat. Watch this space!



























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